Congratulations, you are reading this and therefore are seriously excited about getting the life that you want and being the person you dream to be.

Whether you want a breakthrough in Business by getting more customers, or in your  personal life such as change a habit, a pattern in your life, want improved health or discover your true purpose, I look forward to helping you.

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When we look back at our lives we will ultimately be looking at a series of decisions that created our destiny: Smart moves, Stupid decisions, irrelevant choices, and those vital decisions that shape the life we live.

Having spent 18 years helping people make breakthroughs. It is my passionate belief that everybody needs a coach.

Heres Why:

Everyone needs a coach from time to time someone with an extra pair of eyes to view things from a different perspective to give guidance to your true intentions of behaviour without judging or cruising to help ensure maximum success.

All my coaching is bespoke and uses the latest cutting edge techniques to undergo profound change on both a conscious and unconscious level.  So that you get long lasting change. If you keep on doing what you have always done you will end up getting the same results is this something you want.

Having coached billionaires, professional athletes and professional sports people I have noticed a two things. Firstly to get success there is a burning desire to do whatever it takes no matter what (they take acton) and secondly the honesty to notice when something in one area of their life is not as they want it to seek help from the best to change it.

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I came to see you to help me stop smoking. I Had wanted to stop the habit for a very long time but I had always thought of an excuse to have one more cigarette. Making the effort to drive my car to the session was about all I had to do to make this life changing decision to stop smoking and the rest was easy. Now I’m a non smoker I feel the confidence to acheive new goals and believe in myself in a way that I had long forgotten about. Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing gift it was worth every penny and a whole lot more.


The treatment has affected me in the long term, what you did has had such an impact on my life, I can not begin to describe! Things have turned around completely, I have so much confidence in my work that I have gone so far in the last few months, I never thought I would ever be like this! I have gone from being an insecure fashion person, trapped in a world of science and cleverness to an empowered individual that sees her peer’s limitations and makes things happen! Among other things, I have managed to attract the interest of a couple international research institutions that want to work on my project, no one can believe it! It all stems from the fact that you altered my internal dialogue, I perceive nothing as a problem or difficult. My close friends are amazed at the transformation! Thank you so much! Speak to you soon,


I was buried, I needed some answers. You helped me find them to get out of the abyss I found myself in. I regained some of the confidence I thought I had lost, I enjoyed the learning, I passed my exam and I am getting stronger all the time. This was a crucial step in my journey. Thank you.

Catherine Williams

Dear Lee Thank you very much for your assistance and therapy which has enabled me to loose 14 pounds in 12 weeks. I found every session helped me develop a greater understanding of what healthy eating is all about, in such a way I never feel deprived and certainly not stressed in my new eating habits. I also have the added benefits of looking good, feeling fit and well content with my life. Many thanks again and with the use of the CD I am confident I will continue with this as a way of life. Kind Regards Alison Executive Housekeeper


I am feeling different and the way I communicate with anyone is so much more positive. I can see results in the way others react to me and the way I immediately look for solutions for anything I have to deal with. I love this feeling! I’ve been listening to the tape almost every day and I just feel so much stronger. Really look forward to seeing you again at the end of the month. Chitra Buckley

Chitra Buckley

Lee helped me with my confidence so that i could perfrom at the optimum international level.

Donna Fraser

Just to let you know, presentation went fine, betablockers in the bin! No nerves, not butterflies nothing........ Thanks again V


I weighed myself the other day, and I’ve lost a few kg’s! my head is definitely better, and I’m enjoying the exercise!


At a very difficult time in my life feeling loss and illhealth. Lee transformed my thoughts from hoplessness to enthusiasm for the future starting new things and achieving dreams I had put off. trekking in Asia riding elephants up the jungle writing my book.Thank You Lee


Lee has helped me through hypnotherapy, relaxation and Neurolingustic Programming (NLP). I did Lees NLP course and since then, I have found my communication to be slower, clearer and more concise. I am much calmer and feel very relaxed most of the time. The most important thing that has come out of this for me, is that I haven’t argued with my mother since the course and as she works for me and we speak on an almost daily basis, this is just amazing! Thank you Lee I have a better understanding of people

Victoria Knight

You helped me to shift my perspective and realise that I had it within me all along.

Simon Forster

Lee, I can’t thank you enough. I feel more focused, rejuvanated and energised. In short, I’ve got my confidence back and then some


Dear Lee, I would like to thank you for the great help and inspiration you have been to myself and my partner in overcoming a flying fear and a weight problem. My partner Robert had a fear of flying for many years making it an absolute nightmare to go on holiday abroad. I am happy to say after a few hours with you my last holiday was a great success! there was no arguments or rows whilst packing our cases (because of his stressed out mood owing to the flight) the airport journey was tranquill and he was actually having a normal conversation during takeoff and landing, the most stressed time of his travel. I cant believe he is planning a second trip so soon after the first ( his idea) I wish I had known about you years ago it would have saved me a lot of grief. You have a wonderfull way of feeding the mind with reasons for overeating or eating the wrong things and then undoing the negative side that makes us do these things. Happy to say after a weight loss of 1/2 stone and still losing I am almost at targel weight.

Gaynor and Bob Roberts

Well what can i did it! Its been well over a month now and im defintely a non-smoker of course we never had any doubts, did we!!! Just wanted to give you some positive news and send a big thank you your way. Ive just moved appartments and started a new job I do look forward to seeing you again in the near future though-so watch this space.


I have seen lee over a period of months and he has given me the confidence & skills to insigate major changes that i desired. In both personal development and life goals. Looking back on this incredible journey I am startled to see the achievement and development I have managed to make. I would recommend Lee highly and I thank him for the continual success. Mark Murray Quantity Surveyor

mark murray

Hi Lee, The miracle happened.. Im pregnant! I want to thank you so much for all your kind help. It’s helped me in so much in so many ways. Kind regards.


Although it is still only early days, Lee has had a profound impact in helping me push through the barriers to help ensure I am successful in realising my long-held business ambitions. Lee has a very soothing approach that instantly puts you at ease.

Kelly Clifford

Meeting Lee was one of the best decisions I ever made. Initially I was worried about the cost because I was out of work, but once we met I knew I had made the right decision. Since meeting Lee my life has changed for the better. I think the best thing that happened was my new way of thinking. Now I think thoughts that empower me. I know have the confidence to confront whatever I am facing in my life. I used to be shy, fearful, doubtful and always anxious and worried, but now I know how to change those negative thoughts for empowering ones. Thank you so much Lee. I would recommend every one to try hypnosis with Lee because it worked for me. Aziza from London


I feel as though I have begun a whole new journey. I am the happiest I have been in such a long time and the most at peace. Life seems exciting again (oh, and I sleep!! If ever I have difficulty I just listen to your cd)!! I look forward to seeing on when I am back. Thea Garland Freelance Journalist

Thea Garland

Your CD has just successfully helped see me through an exceptionally busy period in terms of work and home life...I could not have discovered it at a more useful time as I have been very sleep deprived and it gave me great energy. hazel

Hazel Hendely

A friend of mine who was cured of her nighttime driving phobia after one visit suggested I saw Lee for my phobia of answering the phone. I did and was also cured after that visit which also unmasked a deeper anxiety problem which made me feel afraid of social situations and controlled all other areas of my life making me nervous and anxious most of the time.

After each further visit with Lee I have had life changing results, now I am relaxed, confident, outgoing, brave, and completely happy. I am able to deal with all situations without fear or anxiety and I look forward to the future with excitement.

I can highly recommend Lee to anyone who would like to improve their life in any way.

J. T.

’Lee is fab. I can only describe our work together as ’magic’. Lee got quickly to the core of my issues, bringing them out into the open and enabling me deal with them and move forward, taking real and powerful learning from each session. I thoroughly recommend him!’

Joanne Marriot