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I have something else that I want to share with you that will help you even further.  This will help you reprogram your current beliefs about yourself and your confidence. This audio product is a push button product that will help you improve your confidence even if you don't believe it because it works through the subconscious mind.  

Use the checklist, watch the 7 videos and listen to this audio daily to REALLY kickstart your confidence and transformation. 
Reduce Fear, Frustration And Desperation
Press play on this hypnotic mind programming audio and install a program in your mind to have the power and confidence to go for anything you want!
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FREE Bonus! Master your emotions and boost your self-esteem the easy way. In this Sound Asleep version the positive suggestions sink deep into your subconscious mind while you sleep. You awaken refreshed authentically more positive and powerful.

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Imagine the power when the last thing your subconscious mind gets is the life changing empowering suggestions of confidence floating around it while you sleep.

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From the desk of Lee Bannister:
Have you ever wondered why you try so hard to get be more confident but you feel you are working against yourself?

Have you ever struggled to make more money, have more health, create better fulfilling relationships or have the power to do what you want to do but feel stuck?

If you want to FINALLY solve your money, health and relationship issues you absolutely must…

Remove the ROOT CAUSE of your life, business and relationship problems ...

The ONLY Thing that separates the people who get to the next level
of who they are and what they want and people who stay stuck is simply this..
Poor or inadequate self-image.

If you want to be unstoppable in your success so that you do…. 
whatever it takes to get what you want
you need to know you can do it in all parts of you, or else you are working against yourself at times.
  • Ever felt like you are want to lose weight find yourself eating junk food ?
  • Ever known what you should do to take career and business next level but don’t do it ?
  • Ever known what to say in a meeting and not had the power to say it ?

Who Else Wants The Secrets to More Confidence So You Can Get To Next Level of Success and Happiness?

The problem is that your problems are stored in your subconscious mind,
the part of your mind that is concerned with fear and only wants to keep the self-image rigid and intact.

Your self-image is held and stored in your subconscious mind and it thinks of your self image like an arm or a leg.

It doesn’t care about your goals. It only cares about protecting your self-image.
Your self-image your beliefs and feelings about who you are which are locked
 in your subconscious mind so… 

What if I revealed a little known Secret Way to Claim Instant Constant Confidence - would you want to know more?

I Created the Hypnotic Transformational Audio Constant Confidence so…
  • You can stop worrying; see problems as opportunities to overcome and do what you truly want to do.

  • You can be more focused on what you want and be happier in an ever changing environment.

  • You can be magnetically attracting things you want, having miracles every area of your life.

  • You are constantly motivated, so you can get more done in less time and feel a sense of purpose. 

  • These things are all possible for you when you change the program in your  subconscious and have constant confidence.
Includes FREE Bonus - Sound Asleep Edition
FREE Bonus! Master your emotions and boost your self-esteem the easy way. In this Sound Asleep version the positive suggestions sink deep into your subconscious mind while you sleep. You awaken refreshed authentically more positive and powerful.
"Working directly with Lee, and taking advantage of his paid courses, I can tell you with FULL Confidence, that this is probably the best investment you could make for your self-esteem and confidence. Before I had a LOT of confidence in my work, but not so much in myself, the problem was I could never reconcile the two... Until I met Lee. His work transformed how I looked at confidence, and by following the recordings alone (for morning and evening meditation), I noticed an openness to vulnerability, expression, and confidence to be the true me... WITHOUT having to apologise about who I was. Today, I stand taller, walk with confidence, and wake up every morning with a KNOWING that what I do and create is the best of my ability. Thank you again, Lee!"

Adil Amarsi
Your subconscious mind is where the problems are hidden, and locked hypnotic Transformational audios are your key to unlock the problem forever

If you want to change you must absolutely must allow the message to change the program. This must be done in your subconscious mind.

Imagine how much more empowered you will be in your career and relationships when you have constant confidence ingrained in your subconscious mind.

What if your self-image was someone who is constantly confident and outcome focused rather than being afraid.

What if you could change the program while you sleep?

Master your emotions and boost your self-esteem the easy way. In this Sound Asleep version the positive suggestions sink deep into your subconscious mind while you sleep. You awaken refreshed authentically more positive and powerful.
How Can I Boost My Confidence And Have Higher Self-Esteem So I Can Go For My Highest Dream?

You absolutely must change the program in your subconscious mind or you are working against yourself.

If not your negative programming holds you back, forcing you into a state of paralysis and procrastination, stopping you getting to the next level.
The critical voice that that makes you feel unworthy, not good enough.
The single biggest building block for you success is negative self image.

Lee Bannister
Who is Lee Bannister and why should you listen to him?
Hailed by the press as “The Stress Expert”, Bannister can help you become the you that you have always wanted to be.
Whether in your business or your personal life, Lee Bannister is master of Personal transformation. He is a true expert, master clinical hypnotherapist, Mediator and Master of Neuro-linguistic programming, a high performance consultant, speaker and trainer.
He is the founder of the London hypnotherapy and for 17 years he has been helping people like you in over 5000 clinical sessions remove hidden blocks, demolish negative feelings like anxiety and remove negative patterns.
This enables his clients to double their confidence, break free of those aspects they don’t like so they can be who they dream to be.
Perhaps the Evening Standard Newspapers summed up his work the best: “It really works"
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This hypnotic transformational audio uses the latest psychological techniques
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Every time you listen to it you will be re-enforcing positive optimism, CLAIMING A
NEW CONSTANT CONFIDENCE SELF IMAGE… and programming your mind, making success more likely… more solution focused.

Reduce fear, frustration and desperation. Press play on this hypnotic mind programming audio and install the program to have the power and confidence to go for anything you want.

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Remember you are good enough you are lovable and you can do it!